Makita 8406C drill

Makita 8406C drill

The main features of the drill Makita 8406С

Power consumption during continuous operation 1400 W Frequency of idling 900 - 2000 min-1 1.800 - 4000 min-1 Number of beats per minute 14400 - 32000 28800 - 64000 Characteristics of the cartridge 1.5 - 13 mm Drilling cross-section: In concrete: diamond carded (dry ) 152 mm Drill bit with carbide tip 20 mm In steel 13 mm In wood 35 mm Weight 4.5 kg

Description of the drill Makita 8406С

  • The most powerful (1400V) motor for fast drilling of reinforced concrete and brick structures
  • Safety clutch
  • Additional side grip with depth stop
  • Two-speed gearbox, two modes of operation (drilling and drilling with a blow)
  • Two handles: main D-shaped handle and side
  • Comfortable button switch with lock function in the on position
  • Industrial cartridge designed for heavy working conditions
  • Electric stabilization and regulation system
  • Mechanical 2-speed gear
  • Electric adjustment of speed
  • Suitcase
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