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Larsen FT-96

Make homepage | Add The main features Larsen FT-96 electronic, folding, motor power 2 hp, maximum speed of 18 km / h, tilt angle adjustment: automatic, the greatest tilt angle is 14 degrees., Pulse measurement, the size of the running belt is 51 x 147 cm, weight 96.3 kg Description Larsen FT-96 • Track type: electronic • Motor power: 2 hp

Tunturi C20 16 2008

Make homepage | Add Key Features Tunturi C20 16 This rear-wheel drive crossover trainer is flawless if you are just starting a home workout. The simulator provides you with an effective workout with natural movements. A quick start button simplifies deployment. 2008 model. Description Tunturi C20 16 Elliptical smooth motion and silent operation of a multifunctional system with a low frame.

Treadmill Ferrum TM 2355

Make homepage | Add Main features Ferrum TM 2355 electronic, folding, engine power 1.25 hp, maximum speed of 10 km / h, tilt angle adjustment: manual, depreciation system, pulse measurement, size of the running belt 35 x 110 cm, weight 46.5 kg Description of Ferrum TM 2355

Elliptical trainer Torneo MADISON C-515H

Description of the Elliptical Trainer Torneo MADISON C-515H Cardio Link: Highest efficiency and full control over training, coupled with CardioLink technology, providing compatibility with wireless heart rate sensors. Training computer: color LCD monitor with backlight. Training time, distance covered, speed, calorie consumption, pulse. 14 training programs, including: 5 heart-dependent, 4 user.

Treadmill Altezza Perfecta 4.2

Description of the Altezza Perfecta 4.2 treadmill Motor power: 2.0 hp • Speed ​​control: 0.8 - 16 km / h • Height control: 12 ° • Frisky adjustment buttons: speed and lift • Screen: LCD with backlight • Pulse control: handles / cardiopulsor detectors (included) • Number of exercise programs: 12 • Cardioprogram:

Airplane Iron-body 7215 BK

Main features of the Iron-body 7215 BK exercise bike Iron Body 7255BK Exercise bike Technical features: • Fit: vertical • Loading system: belt • Flywheel weight: 3 kg Description of the Iron-body exercise bike 7215 BK Iron Body 7255BK Exercise bike Exercise characteristics: • Fit: vertical •

Vertical Ergometer Proteus PEC-7088

Make homepage | Add The main features of Proteus PEC-7088 vertical Ergometer Proteus PEC-7088, the maximum user weight: 150 kg, the weight of the flywheel: 9 kg, the electric system of the load, the measurement of the pulse, the weight of 37 kg Description of the Proteus PEC-7088

Oxygen Rio Exercise Bike

Exercise bike with a flywheel weight of 6 kg. and stepless magnetic loading system. 6 positions of vertical seat adjustment provide comfortable training to the user up to 190 cm in height and weighing up to 110 kg. Easy to read computer screen displays all the main characteristics of the workout: time, speed, distance, calories and pulse. Description of the Oxygen Rio exercise bike Landing: vertical.

Vision-fitness X6200HR elliptical trainers

Make homepage | The main features of Vision-fitness X6200 HRT The X6200 HR is a unique development of Incline Elliptical ™ - electronic servos dynamically change the angle of the pedals, which gives an imitation of movement on mounds or rough terrain, loading additional groups of muscles and contributing to an increase in the intensity of training.

Exercise Bike Sportsart C 531 R

The main features of the Sportsart C 531 R exercise bike. The Sportsart C 531 R. exercise bike. A 3-color 10-dash LED display. Patented breathable mesh seat. Power generator type. Dimensions 168x66x130 cm. The weight of the simulator is 71 kg. Description of the Sportsart C 531 R exercise bike Main properties: • 3-color LED screen on 10 lines.