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Body-sculpture BW-3210AE Bench for a press of a bar

Make homepage | Add The main features of Body-sculpture BW-3210AE Bench under the barbell Body-sculpture BW-3210AE, butterfly, block for flexion / extension of the legs, Adjustable height of the stand under the bar with safety locks, User weight (kg): 100, Dimensions (cm) : 180d x 150sh x 130v, Weight (kg): 30,5 Description Body-sculpture BW-3210АE Bench under the barbell butterfly, block for flexing / extending the legs My dear griffins on [...]

Matrix G3FW50 bench

The main features of the bench Matrix G3FW50 Bench for twisting for occupations. Dimensions (L x W x H): 180 x 76 x 98 cm Weight of the simulator: 65 kg Maximum user weight: 200 kg Description of the Matrix G3FW50 bench Bench for twisting G2FW50 for professional occupations. The design allows you to completely include in the work oblique muscles of the press.

Parabody GS4-SHR

The main features of Parabody GS4-SHR Workstations: Three-position chest press, Butterfly stroke, Top, Traction-leg abduction, Leg unit, Rowing draft, Description Parabody GS4-SHR Functional TRAINING Workstations: Three-position chest press, Butterfly stroke, Top , Foot-leg abduction, Leg unit, Rowing draft, Supplements: Leg press (LP5-101), Leg press adapter (GS1-LP5A), Additional set of weight plates 23 [...]

Simulator Marcy Inspire M4

Key features of the Marcy Inspire M4 multi-station Inspire M4 multistation top model of the Marcy Inspire range. Sturdy, calibrated steel 11 mm Frame: round pipes 5.1 cm in diameter. X 10.2 cm. Round pipes 7.6 cm. kg Chair with a slope to workout for the press Description [...]

Simulator Housefit 42110

The main features of the simulator Housefit 42110 Functional strength trainer Housefit 42110 with impact resistant antistatic enamel coating. It has a reliable design of collars and cables, ensuring quiet operation and smooth running. Elastic sitting and back for comfortable occupations. Description of the Housefit 42110 exercise machine Workstations: