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Chest 08/35

Key Features Chest 08/35 Wicker chest 08/35. Made from natural durable rattan. Handwork. Height-60 cm. Width-119 cm. Depth-45 cm. Country of origin - Indonesia. Color - honey, olive, brandy Description Chest 08/35

Intex 66706 + Email pump

Key features of Intex 66706 + el.nasos The highest Intex 66706 air bed with a lightweight integrated electronic pump. Two-chamber design. The integrated head restraint. The application of the form is facilitated by a tightening base. Valves. Flocked covering. Width is 102 cm. Length is 203 cm. Height is 47 cm. Description of Intex 66706 + el.pump The highest Intex 66706 single inflatable bed with the integrated electronic pump.

Holiday Kit 01/02

The main features Set for rest 01/02 A good and long-term set for rest 01/02 is made of natural rattan. Enters the set - a double sofa, two armchairs, a table. Country of origin - Indonesia. Description A set for the rest 01/02 A wicker set for the rest 01/02. Material - durable and comfortable rattan.

Taburet 12/18

Main features Stool 12/18 Wicker stool 12/18. Material - strong and long-lasting rattan. Resistant to moisture and sunlight. Height-45 cm. Diameter-55 cm. Country of origin - Indonesia. Color - honey, olive, brandy. Description Stool 12/18