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Chicco Kangaroo GO Carrying Case (20)

The main features of carrying Chicco Kangaroo GO (20) Chicco Backpack-Kangaroo “Go” is a necessary stroller candidate in the first months of a baby's life. A convenient and successful backpack can be used from 0 months - facing the mother, from 4 months - back to the mother. Provides the correct support of the kid, thanks to an ergonomic form. Description of carrying a Chicco Kangaroo GO (20) Kangaroo Backpack [...]

Carrying Voksi Classic Mini Bonsai Gray

Description of carrying Voksi Classic Mini Bonsai Gray Classic mini is filled with pleasant wool, which heats and removes water, as well as excess heat from the skin. The sleeping bag is shorter than its “elder brother” Classic, and, due to the special design, is suitable for modern parents with serious requirements for quality, functionality and tailoring. Classic mini is made in sixteen colors, lined [...]