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Backpack Nova-tour Rock 30

Description of the backpack Nova-tour "Rock 30" Are you always on the move? Is the beloved form of transport great? Then this elegant satchel of the urban series is especially for you! Connoisseurs will probably appreciate the comfortable Air Flow suspension system and ventilated straps, allowing you to feel comfortable under all loads. And the organizer in the outer pocket and additional pockets, providing a lot of space thanks to the three-dimensional shape, will serve the necessary [...]

Backpack Nova-tour Vitim 110

Description of the knapsack Nova-tour “Vitim 110 ″ A good choice for a novice tourist! Lightweight design, a floating valve and carrying handles, a large pocket on the front of the knapsack will add convenience during operation. Your vacation will be comfortable and memorable. Technical Properties Weight 1.4 kg Volume (l) 110 l Type Tourist Series Camping Color Grayish / Electric Blue Grayish / Greenish Poly Fabric [...]

Backpack Nova-tour Canyon 60 N

Description of the backpack Nova-tour “Canyon 60 ″ N If you are an experienced tourist, then you will appreciate the“ Canyon ”backpack. Universal model will become a reliable assistant in the conquest of your peaks. A protective germocover (packed in a bottom pocket) will keep the knapsack and things dry throughout the journey. Two compartments and a lower inlet, a fixed flap with pockets, zipped pockets and mesh [...]

Backpack Nova-tour Joe Black 65

Description of the backpack Nova-tour Joe Black 65 The lower entrance, two compartments. Side and bottom pocket. Lightweight anatomical belt, has two points of fixation, when adjusting, takes an anatomical shape around the leg, providing a more rigid fit and fixation. Possibility of fastening both vertical and horizontal load. Weight 2.2 kg Volume (l) 65 l Abs Suspension V3 Extras.