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Sight Pilad 8x48 LC

The main features of the sight Pilad 8x48 LC Pilad 8x48 LC is designed for aiming when shooting. Mesh backlight for use in dawn-dusk lighting. The operating temperature range of the sight is from minus 40 ° С to plus 50 ° С. With the help of the sight you can find the distance to the target or the size of the target. Description of sight Pilad 8x48 LC Increase, fold 8 ± 0.5 Angular field in [...]

Sight Vixen 1.5-6 × 42

The main features of the sight Vixen 1.5-6 × 42 Sealed optical sight Vixen 1.5-6 × 42. The effective diameter of the objective lens is 42 mm. Outer diameter of a lens is 50 mm. The outer diameter of the eyepiece 43 mm. Increase 1.5-6 fold. Removing the exit pupil 99 (1,5x) - 84 (6x) mm. Description of the sight Vixen 1.5-6 × 42 Weight: 540 g Density: yes Effective lens diameter: 42 mm Field of view at a distance of 100 [...]