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Championship rally. 3

The main features of the Championship rally. 3 in 1 (PC-DVD) (Jewel) [PC] Collection of 3 in 1 racing games. Description Championship rally. 3 in 1 (PC-DVD) (Jewel) [PC] Edition includes: Rally. Europe championship. Before you - the standard of a more successful rally car simulator. Feel the rampant drive and mad speed, driving a super-powerful steel stallion!

Penumbra Trilogy. Special Edition DVD Box [PC]

Description Penumbra. Trilogy. Special Edition DVD-box [PC] The project "Penumbra" - a series of dark and magical adventures from the first person, won recognition among fans of the horror genre and received excellent marks in the international press. For the first time! All three parts of the famous magic thriller "Penumbra" - in one edition! A unique chance to go all the way through the depths of man-made hell!


Description Barbie in New York [PC] Barbie and her two sacred friends, Westley and Chelsea, live in Manhattan, in the heart of a fashionable large city. On weekends, they arrange for themselves and their friends various entertainments: incendiary dances, unique opening days, joyful carnivals. In order to cook everything well, girls must go around a huge number of design studios and boutiques, come up with their own outfits [...]

Shrek the Third. Russian version of PC-DVD (Jewel) [PC]

The main features of Shrek 3rd. The Russian version of PC-DVD (Jewel) [PC] His Majesty Shrek the 3rd is, as usual, inhumanly irresistible. Let the beautiful princes tremble! All their insignificant attempts to sit on the throne of the flourishing Tripartite Kingdom will be ashes! Shrek and his reckless guard will give them such a bashing, after which they will not particularly want to sit down. Description Shrek 3rd.

Batman: Hot Ice [PC]

The main features of Batman: Hot ice [PC] In the Gotham City, a new failure has set in! Eminent villains, Figlar and Merzlyak, are going to flood the city with poisons, and then bring down an arctic storm on it. Coupled with the beloved movie characters - Batman and Robin - you must go to Gotham City and save its inhabitants from dangerous villains. Do not be afraid: the three of you will cope with at least [...]

Morohhun. Collection 2 (Jewel) [PC]

Description Morkhukhn. Collection 2 (Jewel) [PC] Shoot without warning! Features: "Morkhukhn: Snow landing" and "Morkhuhn: Revolution" for the first time on one disc. The most complete versions of the beloved games include all known additions. Countless levels. Lots of prizes and surprises. Unthinkable big arsenal. Beautiful 3D graphics. Hunting season for partridges - all year round!

Xenus. Boiling point. Special Edition (PC-DVD) (DVD-box) [PC]

Description of Xenus. Boiling point. Special Edition (PC-DVD) (DVD-box) [PC] At one point, the realization will come that the only daughter may die. At one point, Coal Myers will take the only right decision. And the wheel of Fate will spin: powerful drug cartels, insurgents, government forces and the CIA will collide. Blood will flow like water, and for human life they will not be given [...]

Might and Magic IX (Jewel) [PC]

The main features of the Blade and Mystic IX (Jewel) [PC] Platform: WIN Computer game, plastic Jewel case. Interface languages: Russian. Description Blade and Mystic IX (Jewel) [PC] About the program. One of the very best fantasy role-playing games is getting even better. The game "Blade and Mystic IX" takes you to one hundred percent three-dimensional fantasy world. The first time you [...]

L. A. Rush. Russian version of PC-DVD (Jewel) [PC]

Description L.A. Rush Russian version of PC-DVD (Jewel) [PC] Los Angeles. Sunlit streets, sexy beauties, expensive houses and beautiful cars. In such a town there are not many who want to work on boring and boring work. He attracts a huge number of adventurers who live for their own pleasure. The main character of the game is one of them. But the carefree life of a professional street racer, the King of streets, [...]

Sniper Elite (PC-DVD) (Jewel) [PC]

Sniper Elite Description (PC-DVD) (Jewel) [PC] You are a sniper-saboteur, who was abandoned in Berlin, to kill all the fascists who are related to nuclear secrets, and the traitors who joined them. Disguised as a German infantryman, you must infiltrate enemy objects and, using your sniper and spy features, thwart the plans of the SS officers. The closest to reality simulation of a sniper of the 2nd world: [...]