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Head Unit Mystery MDV-10 + b. p

The main features of the radio Mystery MDV-10 + bp. CD, DVD, MP3, screen - two-color, size 1 din Description of radio Mystery MDV-10 + bp. Composition Tuner no Cassette deck no CD player there is an MP3 player there is a DVD player there is

Supra SDD-3007 auto magnetot

The main features of the radio Supra SDD-3007 4 × 50 W, tuner (VHF, FM, SV), CD, DVD, MP3, MPEG4, WMA, JPEG, output to the subwoofer, USB connector, multi-colored screen, diagonal: 3 ″, 1 din Radio description Supra SDD-3007 Tuner: yes, digital Cassette deck: CD player: yes MP3 player: yes DVD player: yes Blu-ray player:

Car audio Sanyo AVC-100

Key features of Sanyo AVC-100 4 × 50 W radio, tuner (FM, CB), CD, DVD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, EQ, component output, screen - multicolored, rotary, size 1 din Description of Sanyo AV recorder AVC-100 Composition The tuner is, the digital cassette deck there is no CD player