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Stinger RX-65

The main features of the Stinger RX-65 The radar detector Stinger PRO RX-65 is a receiver of the signals of the police radar, designed to measure the speed of the driving car. The radar detector in advance warns the driver about approaching an unsafe stretch of road, where, as a rule, the speed of traffic is monitored. The radar detector helps not only to save money, but also to preserve the health and life of the driver, his passengers and [...]

Sony Dualshock 2 (black)

Key features Sony Dualshock 2 (dark) gamepad, feedback, compatibility: PS2 Description Sony Dualshock 2 (dark) Designed for ergonomic joystick, the DualShock2 joystick for the PlayStation2 has sensitive buttons, and is equipped with a vibration function for a closer to the reality of the gameplay. It is compatible with its predecessor - the joystick from the first PlayStation.

Hyundai H-DVR09HD

Key Features: Hyundai H-DVR09HD video recording 1920 × 1080, 2 ″ LCD screen, battery, 120 ° viewing angle, microphone, HDMI, microSD (microSDHC) Description Hyundai H-DVR09HD Video Recorder design: with camera, with screen Number of video recording channels / sound: 1/1 Video recording: 1920 × 1080 Recording mode: repeated Functions: sensor

Italbaby DRAGHETTO Lingerie Set

The main features of Italbaby DRAGHETTO Lingerie Set Kits are designed with great love and care. They are made only from natural, hypoallergenic fabrics. Differ in unique design and quality. Simply washed in the washing machine with a soft wash program. Description Italbaby DRAGHETTO A set of linen The set includes: